Clover Fresha is Besta
I had the pleasure of working with a talented team at Joe Public Ignite on this Clover Fresha is Besta campaign. My role was Art Director as well as creating elements of the character illustrations. The brief was to promote the benefits of fresh milk vs long-life milk to increase sales. The solution was using "The Good Guy" characters Vinny, Tony and Sammy to tell the story of why fresh milk is better in a humorous way on pack, in-store, in the media and online. 
In Store Elements
Shelf Strips
Aisle Banners
Milk Truck Vehicle Branding
On TV: Morning Show Slot
The 3 characters were cast and were given a segment on a morning show to follow their adventures as they travelled around South Africa in their Fresha is Besta milk truck to spread the word and delicious recipes of Clover Fresh milk. 

Social Media
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